public discourse PROGRAM  |  February - July 2016
artists - life - oeuvre - society

MONDAY  |  May 23th 2016 at 7.30 pm

Artists' colonies. The retreat into rural idyll as awakening.
Talk with
Vanessa Charlotte Heitland, Art Historian and Curator, Directof of Museum in Bad Pyrmont

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century artists' colonies spring up all over europe, when artists move to the countryside to search for new forms of expression and new ways of life far away from big cities. By several examples the speech discusses the motives leading to this phenomenon and analyses the ways of exchange and artistical production evolving from it. The lecture provides a scientific introduction to the exhibition “SOMMERFRISCHE“. Berliner Künstler in Schwalenberg 1870-1950/SOMMERFRISCHE _reloaded from 23.6. – 25.09. 2016 which will be shown in the Zitadelle Spandau. There are shown various forms of life and work in artist villages and colonies.

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* The public discourse program is a key element of the ARTS CLUB BERLIN, committed to investigating recent developments, concepts and forms of practice in discourses of contemporary art. At the Invitation of the VBK curators, artists and scientists are asked to organize a discursive program that is internationally oriented yet at the same time retains a focus on the local context of Berlin.The program has a particular focus on different forms of artistic practices and their conditions of production. What is artistic practice today and what are its contexts? Taking this question as a point of departure, the public discourse program seeks to contextualise contemporary concepts of artistic practice within political, social and economic settings in open lectures and discussions with international artists, Kurators and representatives of non-artistic fields.