public discourse PROGRAM  |  February - July 2016
artists - life - oeuvre - society

MONDAY, July 11th 2016 at 7.30 pm

The art scene in Wroclaw and its meaning in the times of changes
Paulina Olszewska (PL), Art Historian, Curator

Krystian Czaplicki, Gdańsk 2014, installation,© Edyta Jezierska

Although considered to be placed on the outskirts of Poland, Wroclaw and its art scene has been playing an important role in social and political changes. Because of its distance to the Polish capital, Wroclaw has managed to develop a unique alternative art scene: in arts, in theatre, in film and in music, which has had an enormous influence on the whole country and become a worldwide phenomenon. The participants of the discussion are active art historians and curators from the local art scene in Wroclaw.  They give us an historical view about the alternative art scene in Poland and discuss the current situation in relationship to Wroclaw/Poland and Europe.

Entrance 7 pm
Starting 7.30 pm

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* The public discourse program is a key element of the ARTS CLUB BERLIN, committed to investigating recent developments, concepts and forms of practice in discourses of contemporary art. At the Invitation of the VBK curators, artists and scientists are asked to organize a discursive program that is internationally oriented yet at the same time retains a focus on the local context of Berlin.The program has a particular focus on different forms of artistic practices and their conditions of production. What is artistic practice today and what are its contexts? Taking this question as a point of departure, the public discourse program seeks to contextualise contemporary concepts of artistic practice within political, social and economic settings in open lectures and discussions with international artists, Kurators and representatives of non-artistic fields.